Green_cropped_for_web4_cropped_for_webAffordable Solar

Do you want to go solar without the upfront costs required to buy a solar power system? Is your non-profit organization interested in capturing the benefits of solar power for your organization and its members?

RePower Partners' mission is making solar power possible for everyone. That's why we tailored our SmartPower agreements to meet the specific needs of homeowners, commercial building owners, and non-profit organizations.

With a SmartPower agreement, you can buy clean solar power for substantially less than your utility's electric rate, all with no money down. You'll start saving money on the very first day your system is installed and your savings will grow every year, especially when utility rates increase. 

Hassle Free

RePower Partners will design and install a solar power system for your rooftop. After installation, the solar power system will be managed by RePower Partners, a Massachusetts based solar power company.

RePower Partners will take care of all maintenance, repairs, and monitoring for the solar power system, so all you have to do is enjoy paying less for your electricity for years to come.

Your home will still be connected to the grid.  When the solar power system generates more electricity than your home needs, that energy flows into the grid and you will receive a credit on your utility bill.

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