Getting Started

You can upgrade to a SmartPower system for as little as zero down with RePower Partners.  

It only takes 2 minutes to start.

RePower Partners works with the highest quality solar installers to design and install a SmartPower solar energy system to meet your electricity needs.  RePower Partners will own, operate, monitor and maintain the SmartPower system and guarantee its performance. You pay a low monthly bill to RePower for the solar electricity your SmartPower system produces. You will remain a customer of your local utility and will be able to purchase electricity from the utility if your home's energy demand exceeds the amount produced by the SmartPower system (at night for example). 

Upgrade to a solar powered SmartPower Home in 3 easy steps:

1. Confirm that solar is right for you.  If you own your own home or have a business or non-profit in Massachusetts, spend $100 or more a month for electricity and have a sunny, south-facing roof, then a SmartPower system will be a good investment for you. 

2. Call for a free consultation and proposal. We will quickly evaluate your rooftop and recommend a plan for you. Call us at (339) 970-9070 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with your building's address and the amount of your monthly electric bill. 

3. Relax. RePower Partners will manage the installation and handle all the permits and paperwork. Once the system is installed, RePower will guarantee the system's performance and take care of all the maintenance, repairs, and monitoring. All you'll have to do is relax and enjoy paying less for your electricity.