Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of the agreement?

Your SmartPower agreement provides you with flexible options:

1. You can renew the agreement

Renew the agreement and continue purchasing solar power from your roof. Your price for solar power will continue to be less than the utility’s current rate at that time.

2. You can buy the system

We will give you a low buyout price and you can start enjoying free solar electricity.

Why do I get an electricity bill from both RePower and my utility?

Your SmartPower system will be connected to the utility company’s electric grid so that it can automatically store the extra electricity you are not using.  Your connection to the electric grid also gives you the ability to use utility electricity when you need more energy than your system is producing. You’ll get a credit from the utility company  when you produce more electricity than you need and a bill when you need more electricity than you produce.

How can I be sure that RePower Partners will take good care of my system?

If your system produces less energy than we promise, you’ll get a refund for every unit of power you miss. That means that our interest is the same as yours. We will ensure that your system is producing as well as it should. Your refund amount is set at the start of your agreement.

Do I get the benefit of producing more electricity than I use?

Yes. You will receive credits from your utility company when your system produces more energy than you are using.

Why should I install solar today?

Solar energy is great for the environment and will help to prevent global warming. Generating your own electricity on site means that there is no pollution from foreign oil or coal and no nuclear waste. Finally, it is a great way to protect you and your family from future energy price shocks.

What happens if I move before the end of the agreement?

The SmartPower Home agreement is designed to provide you with the flexibility to maximize your home’s resale value. In fact, homeowners who know they are going to move can use the SmartPower Home’s performance guarantee and full service maintenance as selling points. Your options are:

1. Transfer the agreement at no charge

The new homeowner picks up where you left off with a price for solar electricity that will be 10% less than the utility's current rate at that time. 

2. Purchase the system

The new homeowner will own the system and will take over responsibility for maintenance. The buyout price for each year is set at the start of the agreement.